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June 08 2017

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The Venture Bros. Bloody Brock 3" Mini Figure - SDCC 2017 Exclusive - $11.99

Must Pick Up at SDCC Booth 5645

From the hit Adult Swim show The Venture Bros. comes the San Diego Comic Con 2017 exclusive The Venture Bros. Bloody Brock 3" Mini Figure. Limit to 2 per customer.

June 07 2017

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Adult Swim Pins 4-Pack - SDCC 2017 Exclusive - $19.99

Must Pick Up at SDCC Booth 5645                                                        

Kidrobot has teamed up with Adult Swim to bring you a 4-pack of collectible enamel pins exclusively for San Diego Comic Con 2017.  This 4-pack of pins features characters from your favorite Adult Swim shows including Bloody Brock, Bitch Pudding, Mr. Meeseeks and Rusty.  Limit to 2 per customer.

June 06 2017

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June 02 2017

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Doc Hammer -

The real 21 and 24. Nothing says “Hench 4 Life” like felt.

Yes. Someone made bootleg hoodies and sent us a set. That’s us feeling like idiots, which is like how we feel 75% of the time without hoodies. With the hoodies we made it to the 100% complete feeling of idiocy.

My face isn’t regulation Hench size. I’ve a Villain head. Perhaps a crown, or like a small hat with punctuation on it would be better.

May 29 2017

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Adult Swim Enamel Pin Series Random 4-Pack - $23.99

Coming in August 2017.

Choosing your favorite Adult Swim show is like choosing your favorite child, it’s a choice no one should have to make. Fear not Kidrobot and Adult Swim have teamed up for the Adult Swim Enamel Pin Series Random 4-Pack so you can take your Adult Swim pride with you wherever you go. Featuring the greatest hits from the Adult Swim and coming in the blind box style Kidrobot is known. These pins add a perfect touch of late night to any hat, bag, jacket, blazer or anything else you can stick a pin in. Add to your pin collection and show off that your late night pin game is strong! Ages 15 and up.

The Adult Swim Enamel Pin Series Random 4-Pack contains 4 randomly chosen, blind-boxed pins (subject to change):
Breakdown not available at this time.

May 27 2017

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For one fantastic night only, WEEP becomes their fantastic alter-ego Dark Entries, a fantastic Bauhaus tribute act. Playing all (okay ‘some’) of the fantastic songs you kinda remember! Fantastic!


May 12 2017

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Adult Swim 3" Blind Box Mini Series

Who says cartoons are just for kids? Kidrobot has once again teamed up with adult swim for an all new blind box mini series with some of your favorite late night animated pleasures. Featuring characters from Rick & Morty, Venture Brothers, Samurai Jack, Fish Center, Robot Chicken, Squidbillies, the smash viral hit Too Many Cooks and everyone’s cult favorite app Robot Unicorn Attack, this series has something for the late-nighter in us all. Collect them all today and SHOW ME WHAT YOU’VE GOT.

Venture Brothers: Dr. Venture - 2/24
Venture Brothers: Brock - 2/24
Venture Brothers: Blue Morpho - 2/24
Venture Brothers: The Monarch 2/24

May 08 2017

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small transparent dr orpheus for your small transparent dr orpheus needs

[im makin more]

May 03 2017

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Molotov Cocktease sketch.

April 28 2017

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April 27 2017

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That’s Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, to you…

April 20 2017

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WEEP, The Sedona Effect, DJ’s Sean Templar and Joe Hart

Date: Thursday, Apr 27th

Time: Doors at 7P

Location: Bowery Electric - 327 Bowery, New York, NY

Admission: $8.00 on Ticketfly [link], $10.00 day of show

More info on the RSVP [here]

April 17 2017

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April 16 2017

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April 11 2017

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April 10 2017

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I’m officially part of the family.

April 07 2017


Season 8 of the Emmy-award winning show Archer premieres TONIGHT April 5 2017 on FXX. Brand new musical score throughout by JG Thirlwell. Be sure to tune in!

April 03 2017

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anniewu drew Dr. Mrs. the Monarch for me at Special Edition NYC 😻😻😻


April 02 2017

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A Party for Tarzan (6x07)

April 01 2017

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